Open your Chakras

Open your Chakras </br> with MYFUNDBOX

Your customers seek de-stressing with your guidance. We can de-stress both you and your customers in collecting course fees and paying yoga course fees respectively.

What MYFUNDBOX does For You ?

  • Automate collection of course fee, even your monthly fee paying courses with zero coding.
  • Offering online classes, great you can collect course fees globally in different currencies at the comfort of your ipad.
  • Start using cost effective payment methods. GoCardless, Stripe, Mollie, paypal, apple pay, google pay.
  • Zero markup on transactions, you retain maximum of your revenue.

What MYFUNDBOX does for Your Customers ?

  • Convenience to pay you online like shopping in amazon or ebay.
  • Other than Credit and Debit card, they can pay using over 9+ local payment methods prevalent in eu.
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What MYFUNDBOX does for you and your customers?

We stretch to help you and your customers relax.

Thats the yoga we do!

Bronze Package

1 User

Reduce Payment Failures

0% Transaction

Recurring Payments


135+ currencies

GDPR & PCI Compliance

Multi-Payment Gateways


Personalised Checkouts

We aim to bring new people to the mat and get them to realise the inner strength like you have. Towards this, we shall donate 10% to your preferred choice of Yoga institution at the end of your first year with MYFUNDBOX.
This Offer Price ends on 31st May 2021

In case you’re based within the EU the German VAT rate of 19% will be applied in accordance with MOSS legislation taking effect on Jan 1, 2019.
For business customers with a valid VAT-id in their country outside of Germany, invoices will contain 0% VAT.

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