Now that you have understood the trending shift towards recurring billing, in other words, I can say that businesses are adopting the subscription based model for  their success and for a win-win situation. Now It’s time to explore what your recurring billing platform should enable you to do.

Support for different pricing models

Your business may have different pricing models , the software you choose for subscription billing should accommodate changes in pricing with ease.  

Invoice generation

Automatically generating invoices for customers means that half your job is done. Your recurring billing software should empower you with is powerful feature which will save both your time and money.

Flexible billing cycles

Not all customers are same. Some prefer monthly billing while others prefer a long term billing period.In any case you subscription billing software should give you the flexibility to bill you customers according to their preferred billing period.

Payment Solutions

Be it a local or a global business, there have to be multiple options for payment for the customers. This will make them love to do business with you as you give them the freedom to choose from their preferred payment methods.

Scale-up Option with cloud services

Your business is growing and so is your customer base, your subscription software should enable you to easily scale-up .With cloud based solutions this is done on the fly. Make sure the billing software you choose has a cloud based solution then you are good to go.

With MYFUNDBOX  subscription billing software you get all the above features fully covered. To what extent and with what ease , for this you need to check out their free trial to believe it yourself!

There are more features to be explored in my upcoming blog so stay tuned!