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Complete Payments solutions for your Education business.

With MYFUNDBOX acquire more subscribers and consistently accelerate revenue growth with smart subscription management solution.

How it is Unique

How it is Unique

Better Experience

Better Experience

Can provide Better Billing Experience for You and Your Learners

Quick start up

Easy to start, easy to scale as your learners grow


Go global without worrying about billing and tax compliance.

Increase in Revenue

Accelerates your Revenue with Subscription-Based Billing



Set automated reminders for collecting fees

Let students pay with their preferred currency.
Set automated reminders for collecting fees

Flexible Features

Highly User Friendly

Better metrics for better learning

Get real-time insights into your subscribers, as well as financial metrics like A/R and revenue. Our accounting close tools quickly summarize and reconcile massive transaction volumes, helping you keep your online classrooms open.

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Collect money Globally

You can easily collect money across global customers by integrating one or more payment gateways.

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Flexible Billing Options

Control when, how much, how often, and for how long you charge your learners.

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invoice creation

Flexible invoicing

Create customisable invoices to accept recurring or one-off payments

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