Your customers trust that when they submit their credit card details over the Internet that they won’t be pilfered and pirated by hackers snooping on the transaction. That customer trust is vital for your business. If you operate an online business, it’s imperative that you implement the necessary solutions for secure online payments.
Things are changing in the online payment industry, and changing fast.

Payment Processing

Here 4 of the more interesting online payment systems around.

Well, you should easily recognize PayPal.
PayPal has proven success: the gateway boasts up to 44 percent higher checkout conversion for businesses who use it. What’s more, they offer fraud protection, live support, and extensive cart compatibility — it works with all major shopping carts and e-commerce platforms.
Scales to your business, whether you’re a high-traffic hot shot or growing local biz. Plus, they offer multiple versions of their payment solutions, like PayPal Payments Pro, PayPal Express Checkout, and Braintree.
Price: 2.9% + $0.30 per domestic transaction

2. Stripe
Tailored exclusively for e-commerce, Stripe provides extensive functionality regardless of what your business sells and has a resume loaded with high-level customers like Pinterest, Lyft, Slack, and OpenTable.
Stripe features the best applications of modern-day e-commerce payment solutions: secure, customizable, quick, and easy-to-setup. Plus, the extras will win you over, like allowing customers to buy products directly from a tweet or saving card information for one-click checkouts.
Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction with no setup or monthly fees.

3.Amazon Payments
With more than 310 million active customer accounts worldwide, Amazon is considered one of the largest and most valuable brands in the world.
Amazon Payments is a leader in responsiveness. It’s available across devices — and mobile capability is critical for users; in the last six months, 62 percent of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device.
Integration with your website is API driven, meaning it’s easy to customize Amazon Payments into the existing look and feel of your site. Often, it is as easy as adding a free plugin. Plus, transactions are completed on your site.
Price: 2.9% + $0.30 per domestic transaction

4. Worldpay
Worldpay is a comprehensive, UK-based (but global) service that offers omnichannel payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. Plus, you can pay as you go or choose a monthly payment option.
As a new business, you’ve got a lot of things on your plate: meetings, marketing, minutiae. Worldpay offers didn’t-know-you-needed-that payment services, including automated billing and card updates, customizable loyalty cards, card-on-file support, and simplified backend settlement.
Price: 2.75% + £0.20
There are plenty of online payment systems out there that you can use to conduct e-commerce activities. Choose one that’s in line with your business objectives.

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