How reducing network declines can help you optimize revenue

A huge shift to online commerce is underway, with ecommerce growing 30% a year globally.1 This massive shift in consumer behavior makes it an exciting time to be doing business online, but it also brings some challenges. One of those is failed payments, also known as “network declines.” What exactly are we talking about when

How Stripe’s machine learning supercharges your fraud protection

Ecommerce is growing rapidly. While that presents an immense opportunity for online retailers, it also brings some challenges. As online shopping becomes ubiquitous, fraudsters have evolved to become more sophisticated, and fraudulent payments are a growing problem. In fact, businesses are expected to lose $20 billion to online fraud in 20211.  The challenges businesses face

Failed Payments are a Pain – Tips to Manage Dunning

Why Is Dunning Management  Necessary?  With COVID having a lasting impact on businesses and new Business models emerging there are many Solopreneuers, Freelancers, Marketing Agencies and SaaS companies who are switching to Subsciption Payments.   you make your money by regularly billing each customer’s credit card. Sooner or later, though, any given customer’s credit card is going to be

VAT Validation
EU VAT Validation

VAT Validation   Businesses selling goods and services to European customers needs to collect VAT (value-added tax), even if their business is not established in Europe. As all European countries have different VAT rules and rates, staying compliant can be challenging. The European Commission has made an effort to simplify VAT collection and payment, but this hasn’t

How Subscription Billing can be used during this Pandemic situation

  How subscription billing can be used during this Pandemic situation Covid-19 has completely changed the way we live, work, and communicate. As the situation worsens, people rely more and more upon subscription services to sustain their lives. Whether it is food, entertainment, or news, the demand for these services has increased. So, this seems like an ideal

Complete cycle of Subscription Billing with MYFUNDBOX

Complete Cycle of Subscription Billing with MYFUNDBOX   MYFUNDBOX  With the onset of online shopping and online transaction increasing in trend, you need the best and most efficient payment gateways to make your customer’s experience more effortless. Choosing the right payment gateway is critical for any business.  MYFUNDBOX is a hub for all your subscriptions and billing

Effective Ways to make the online Payment Process Easy for Customers

  Why MYFUNDBOX Online Payments Is Right For You   Customer service is the heart of any business. Without your customers, your business would cease to exist. It makes sense that the most successful companies focus on great customer service. When you keep your customers happy, they will come back for return purchases in the

Few Ways To Increase Donations Of Your Non Profits

Few Ways To Increase Donations Of Your Non Profits Nonprofits exist primarily to serve others. Whether you call them customers or clients, your organization’s ability to meet their respective needs is central to its mission and longevity. There are many reasons why visitors don’t end up donating: too many choices, feeling overwhelmed, not understanding what

Why MYFUNDBOX Online Payments Is Right For You

Why MYFUNDBOX Online Payments Is Right For You MYFUNDBOX allows your business to accept, process, and disburse payments securely on the cloud. With MYFUNDBOX, you have access to all payment modes, including Stripe,Amazon Pay and Google Pay.  The most crucial quality of a payments solution is the ability to scale itself to meet your growing

Most Common Reasons For A Payment To Fail

Most Common Reasons For A Payment To Fail When you’re initiating a payment online, there are many factors that go into making the payment possible and a single glitch in any of these entities can lead to an online transaction failing. Running an online business and using an online payment system, and you’re not really