Do you agree with me if I tell you that the process of making a payment and the process of getting paid for your services should be as simple as possible? 

And why shouldn’t it be, we are living in a world where people get connected in a matter of seconds, where anything and everything can be bought or sold from the comfort of your home using a mobile phone, then why should payment be done in an old fashion way. Iam here to share with you some latest and most effective way to get paid faster and to make the payment process easier for your customers.

Yes, you guessed it right it’s a PayLinks. 

What is a PayLinks? 

A PayLinks or payment link is a secure link that is sent to the customer to make a payment online for a raised invoice . This is a hyperlink that can be sent through an e-mail, SMS, social media or any app to the customer for a payment. Once the link is received, the customer cliks the ‘Paynow’ button to complete the payment online securely, thereby saving time and effort. 

What are the different types of PayLinks? 

There are different types of PayLinks depending on their payment durations .PayLinks for One-Off payment are valid for one time payments only.Likewise there are recurring PayLinks which are  sent on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis for repeated payments.You can also create PayLinks for part payments where a single payment is done in multiple parts.

Do you need a website to create and send a PayLinks? 

No, with MYFUNDBOX you can create and send  PayLinks to your customers  even without a website, securely through mail and get paid easily.

Who can send a PayLinks? 

PayLinks can be created and sent for online payments by people in different orientation like online coaches, freelancers,e-learning,Marketing,SaaS,Publishing,Soloprenuers,Media and Advertising, Entreprenuers and merchants.

MYFUNDBOX is a subscription billing platform which manages all your subscription based activities in a very intuitive and user friendly way. But what makes MYFUNDBOX  stands out from others is its Payment solution. 

With MYFUNDBOX you can create PayLinks in matter of seconds, be it either for One-Off or recurring payment, with or without the website. Since MYFUNDBOX has partnered with leading Payment gateways like Stripe,Mollie and Gocardless, customers across the world have a wide option of payment methods to choose from and also can make payments in their local currency.

With MYFUNDBOX you are guaranteed to get paid faster as you make your customer’s job easy by allowing them to pay in their preferred payment method. A happy customer is a returning customer and you can make this happen with one smart solution like MYFUNDBOX, payments simplified!