MYFUNDBOX & Stripe Partnership


MYFUNDBOX is an online platform where one can process, manage and accept subscription billing for business SaaS transactions. This online platform helps you to bill at any billing cycle, whether it is monthly or yearly. 

This platform even offers you the privilege of creating billing cycles of your choice, which can be as per the subscription date of the customers. The customers have the option to select customized billing dates. You can avail of it for just a nominal charge of $99.99 per month onwards. 

MYFUNDBOX features

MYFUNDBOX have several features which help in business to business transactions. 

  • Customers can make payments easily through mobile phone.
  • There are many payment options
  • You can use both debit cards and credit cards to make payments.
  • It is safe to use
  • You get the option of Automated Clearing House or ACH processing. 
  • It is safe to use and does not allow fraudulence. 
  • Payments are processed easily
  • Customers can avail options for both subscription as well as recurring billing.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is an online platform that helps in processing payments. The payments are related to business. Stripe allows smooth transaction of finance between the customer and you. You can transfer money into your bank account from the customer’s account quickly through Stripe. 

There are more than 14 locations of Stripe in different countries, including Asia, Europe, Australia, and America. The headquarter of Stripe is located in San Francisco.


In other words, Stripe helps in processing the payments of customers from all over the world in more than a hundred currencies so that you get your money with no hassles. This online mode of payment is entirely secured as the safety-related certification is based on PCI Service Provider. PCI is considered to be one of the most strict certification levels in the online payment industry. 

MYFUNDBOX and Stripe partnership

Stripe and MYFUNDBOX partnership helps the businessmen to get payments from customers without being into any hassle. It saves time as the transaction is done in a few seconds. You can manage the costs easily from the Stripe dashboard.

You get a quick overview of all the transaction that you make, and so you have the option to take prompt action when necessary. Stripe also has an in-built reporting function that gives you a chance to export and check the information related to payments in details. 

Transactions are safe and secured because Stripe can prevent fraudulence with the help of the most recent techniques. 

Stripe provides around the clock online support through chat and email to solve your queries. If you need any help or have any question, then the customer service team is just a click away. It also has a support website to help you. 

The best part with Stripe is that there are no hidden charges or monthly charges. It ensures quick and smooth transfer of money. Once you start an account with Stripe, you get your earnings daily with a minimum processing time of only seven days.  

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