Many of us strive to increase the amount of charity or sadaqah they give. Sometimes, we want to give more than what our bank account allows us! Or, sometimes, we are not rich enough and have a number of responsibilities that simply do not allow us to give large portions of money!

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But it’s important to give safely, and the Charity Commission’s useful tips can help ensure donations go to the right place. I encourage everyone giving to charity this Ramadan to check before you give, and wish you all a peaceful and blessed month.”

To help you donate safely this Ramadan with this helpful tips

Check that you’re giving to a registered charity before you donate. In that way you can ensure you that charity will be given to needy people.
MYFUNDBOX provides you the transparent way to check your donation Online and status of each and individual donations.
Avoid donating money to people collecting for generic causes. Make sure you’re giving to a registered charity and for a specific campaign.

Most charities offer the ability to donate online. If donating to charity make sure that the website is secure by checking next to the URL bar. It should have a padlock or a ‘Secure’ message. This encrypts your data as its sent across the Internet. Payments may be taken by trusted systems such as PayPal or Stripe.
MYFUNDBOX Provides you more than 15 trusted payment methods along with verified stripe partner to donate.

There is no better time to make your donation than during Ramadan.
It is obligatory on every zakat giver to give Zakat-al-fitr
ZAKATH AL-FITR be given by the head of the family before the start of the EID-PRAYER , to the poor and less privileged.
SADAQAH referred to as any act of kindness done by one muslim to another.
ZAKATH AL-MAL 2.5% of a muslim accumulated wealth calculated yearly ,and the proceeds should be distributed among the poor and needy people

Above any of the charities MYFUNDBOX allows you to donate for single or multiple causes with in a minutes with ease and intuitive UI with fast checkout donation form.

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