Few Ways To Increase Donations Of Your Non Profits

Nonprofits exist primarily to serve others. Whether you call them customers or clients, your organization’s ability to meet their respective needs is central to its mission and longevity.
There are many reasons why visitors don’t end up donating: too many choices, feeling overwhelmed, not understanding what an organization does, feeling like their donation won’t make an impact, and more.

Here are just a few tips on to increase donations for non profits

1. Tell Supporters How Donations Will Be Utilized

Your organization’s needs should be transparent to potential donors. Create a “wish list” to make your goals and objectives clear – this will help you secure essentials. Donors like to know how their funds will be utilized. Some donors contribute unrestricted gifts, while others prefer to choose a specific program or area to support. Either way, make sure to send donors a timely follow up to explain the impact of what they supplied.

2. Integrating Fundraising Software.

The more isn’t always the merrier. In the past, nonprofits have loaded up on too many software solutions at once because they all offered something different.
Of course, running your nonprofit becomes difficult if different aspects of your daily operations don’t work together. For example, if your CRM doesn’t integrate with your event management software, which won’t connect with your marketing software, then it’s hard to send invitations for your next event to your major donors.
MYFUNDBOX Fundraising CRM a powerful and efficient donation management system optimized for recurring donations. It will make building your own donation pages much easier and will provide you with a number of features and benefits, such as:
Recurring giving
Donors having the option to manage their recurring donations at any time
Pre-filled custom amounts with descriptions to let your donors feel great by knowing what they’re contributing to.
Optimization for desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets
Accepting donations on your Facebook Page

3. Enabling Mobile Giving.

Smartphones have only become more popular every year, and that trend is unlikely to slow down soon. They’re so widespread that we’re now banking, making grocery lists, and storing our boarding passes on our mobile devices. It seems like everything is moving to mobile.
In response, nonprofits have become better at leveraging this smartphone ubiquity in their fundraising efforts by implementing mobile giving.
It might not seem like mobile giving would be any different than online giving — or mailing in a check, for that matter. The donations all end up in the same place, right?
But mobile giving is highly successful, for a few key reasons:
Mobile giving is logistically smart. Your supporters don’t have to walk to the mailbox or even, with some software solutions, go to your website or type in a password! Mobile giving brings fundraising to where your donors already are: their phones.
MYFUNDBOX Donation Box provides convenient and user-friendly UI with which your supporters can contribute through Mobile, Tablets or desktops.

4. Require Fewer Clicks And Keystrokes To Submit Your Donation Form

The fewer clicks and keystrokes required to submit a donation form, the more likely that form will be submitted. Whenever you’re tempted to include questions beyond the essentials for payment – if your online fundraising tool allows for them – ask yourself if the information is valuable enough to warrant making your donation form more complicated and less apt to be submitted.
MYFUNDBOX Donation Box is simple and user friendly, by which your donor can donate within a minute.
Every nonprofit is different and every donation page is different. This makes it difficult to know what exactly is going to increase conversion on your specific page.
We hope you found our tips useful, but don’t forget that it’s absolutely critical to think of new ideas, test them, and update your donation page accordingly. This reiterative process is the only way you will truly know what works best for your nonprofit.

MYFUNDBOX Fundraising CRM keeps track of each campaign. Set budgets, assign tasks to the right people, and run your campaign from start to finish all under one place.
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