With the First payment done, Customers will get invoice in which My Payments link will be present.

By clicking on MY Payments link they will be redirected to their page where they are able to

  • View their payment gateway that they were actively using it
  • They can Activate / cancel their subscriptions

Yes. One-time transactions are supported.

With MYFUNDBOX you can easily raise invoice with your desired plans and collect your payments in Recurring Billing Options.


Recurring billing is much more than billing at periodic intervals. To ensure your customers have a great shopping experience, you need to provide them with a simple and easy to use payment system. We offer you just that.

We also help reduce customer churn by giving you actionable data with the help of notifications and reports to ensure that you are on top of things with your business.

Building a billing system on your own requires a lot of time, effort and focus from management. Using us, you can least of all be at peace knowing that your entire customer billing is handled by the experts in the most secure way.

  • MYFUNDBOX is an automated subscription billing platform that lets you manage and accept global payments online easily and securely.
  • MYFUNDBOX makes your business borderless by offering more than 15 global payment methods for your customers to choose from.
  • Increase your customer base with convenient global invoicing that lets you bill your customers with their preferred payment method and supports all currencies.
  • You’ve got the option to enable Fintech Unicorns, Stripe, Mollie, PayPal, and GoCardless as payment gateways, so you can invoice customers in up to 125 countries.
  • Plus, MYFUNDBOX supports more than 15 languages, including German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, and more.

MYFUNDBOX is hosted on cloud servers. We have taken several measures to ensure continued service across regions. Unless there is an outage across a large region & multiple data centers, the service will be accessible for users.

MYFUNDBOX is a payment orchestrator Platform, you can create an account in MYFUNDBOX and activate one or more payment gateways like stripe, Gocardless or paypal for initiating payment.there are no requirements for starting with MYFUNDBOX

You can sign up online with trail account to explore our application right away. To get paid online from users, you will need a payment gateway & merchant account from any of the supported payment gateways. It takes anywhere between a few days to a few weeks to get an approved payment gateway account, so please factor that in to go-live.

webhook, Twillio communication platform, Api, zapier integration is planned. We deliver features with our Monthly release. See our Product roadmap

With MYFUNDBOX you can easily raise invoice with your desired plans and collect your payments in Recurring Billing Options.

With MYFUNDBOX Subscriptions you can easily create and share payment link by which you collect your Payments easily.

Chat with us at https://myfundbox.com for any kind of assistance or send us an email to support@myfundbox.com we would be available to support.

Connect your stripe, mollie or Gocardless account, add your pricing plans and get started right away!


You can use this solution globally, although you should check with your payment processor if they have any restrictions for your account. For example, in India PayPal does not allow domestic transactions.

MYFUNDBOX Subscriptions supports more than 15+ language which includes German, French, Dutch, Spanish,Turkey, English,etc.

We support all currencies that are enabled by your payment Gateway.
Further, if you are using any other currency then contact us at support@myfundbox.com and get your currency added in the system.


we are a subscription platform with integration to multiple payment gateways and are uniquely positioned with offering EU customers an ability to save their data in EU data centers to be compliant with GDPR

Not yet. we have taken it up on roadmap give voting for the feature to get implemented soon.

Yes. with Webhook and Zapier integration. Direct integration to Shopify is on roadmap vote for this feature to get it prioritized.

we support Instamojo

Yes. you can define your plan payment to a specific number of monthly installment payments.

yes, you can define your product and plan pricing in MYFUNDBOX and integrate your products or plans it in your ecommerce site.

Please follow this documentation

Custom Domain capability is supported but not part of Lifetime Deal. Please get in touch with the Support chat on MYFUNDBOX homepage .

Yes. You can integrate up to 2000 Applications using Zapier or webhooks integration to handle triggers and manage your internal processes.

Yes. With Stripe, GOCARDLESS or Mollie Payment Gateway enabled in MYFUNDBOX you can start with SEPA Payments right away. Please note Transaction charges vary between providers. SEPA Transaction charges are lowest with Mollie.

Subaccount support is planned on our Roadmap and can be evaluated once the features is available.


Paypal is supported. Stripe payments are split payments but would like to understand your usecase to check compatibility. So please get in touch with Support chat

Yes. Direct debit payments are initiated by the merchant and made directly from a customer’s bank account. It is processed via the respective networks in different countries namely ACH in the USA, BACS in the UK, SEPA in Europe. Here is an overview of what MYFUNDBOX can do for you if you want to accept direct debit payments directly from your customers’ bank accounts.
– For the US, MYFUNDBOX supports ACH payments via Stripe and GoCardless.
– In the UK, Eurozone and Sweden, MYFUNDBOX supports direct debit payments with GoCardless – an online direct debit provider based in the UK. Here’s more on accepting direct debit payments with MYFUNDBOX.


Consider MYFUNDBOX as your extended system to manage your subscriptions. We do not touch the money part. We take care of initiating the authorization, capture & refunds on your behalf with payment gateways. So the settlement happens to you directly by the payment gateway and not by MYFUNDBOX.

Yes. You can even drive customers to be subscribed via different gateways, by just configuring the gateways. You would set one by default and then can control change of gateway for specific subscriptions.

Yes, you can. In fact you will need a merchant account & payment gateway (in some cases there is no separation like the case of PayPal Payments Pro) to be configured in MYFUNDBOX, to process payments on your behalf.

You can directly apply with any of the payment gateway / merchant account providers. We can also assist you with introductions if you need help.

A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows businesses to accept payments by debit or credit cards or bank transfers. It is a line of credit extended to businesses by the bank, after due risk assessment.

End users can apply a chargeback and retrieve the money back, if the business fails to deliver the promised service. And the line of credit extended by bank is used to reimburse such chargebacks and recover it from business. This is why there is a risk assessment of business and certain restrictions are applied on a merchant account, unlike a standard bank account

With the First payment done, Customers will get invoice in which My Payments link will be present.

By clicking on MY Payments link they will be redirected to their page where they are able to

  • View their payment gateway that they were actively using it
  • They can Activate / cancel their subscriptions

Yes we do have EU VAT Support.

Yes. One-time transactions are supported.


No card information is stored in MYFUNDBOX, For processing your transactions your preferred Payment gateway will validate and store card information.

Yes, absolutely. Everything you do in the MYFUNDBOX application is on completely over HTTPS – your data is fully encrypted by an SSL connection and accessed over the internet.

Yes. MYFUNDBOX is PCI DSS Level 4 compliant. We ensure that your financial data is always safe.

Our partnerships with Leading Cloud Providers we offer our customers secure PCI Compliant Payment Platform.

Start Up

That’s okay! You can still use our product! Let us know you’re still interested and our sales team will help get you set up on a plan that makes sense for you.contact at support@myfundbox.com

Please reach support@myfundbox.com. We have several paid options we can discuss to make sure you get the support you need.

No, we do not have cancellation charges. And there are no data lock-ins. You are free to cancel your account anytime.

Yes. After you apply and are accepted into the startup program, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time to suit your business needs. However, changing plans does not extend your plan length.

Check out the requirements above on this page and apply if you meet them. Our team will review your application and respond quickly to your inquiry. We reserve the right to not accept any company for any reason.

You will be charged monthly fee of 99$.