Engaging Sponsors Through Social Media

Many NGO organizations hesitate to invest their hard-earned money into social media because they worry about the return on investment. After all, the real-world impact of social media can sometimes be difficult to quantify, especially for smaller organizations that do not use sophisticated analytics. While it can be difficult to put a dollar figure on the awareness or community-building aspects of social media, there is one area that’s easy to quantify sponsor acquisition and retention.
Once you’ve secured sponsors for your events, it’s tempting to relax and feel like the hard part is over. But to build long-lasting relationships that yield sponsorships year after year, you need to continuously nurture your partnerships and help their activations go smoothly.
1.Do Your Research:

Before you can properly engage new or existing sponsors, you need to know what your social media presence can offer them. Start with the following questions:
How many social media followers do we have?
What’s our social media reach? Using Facebook,Insights you can easily see how far your posts reach every month. Though you may only have 500 Facebook followers, for example, some top posts might reach up to 30,000 people because your followers share your content.
What are my audience’s demographics (age/gender/location)? Pay special attention to valuable markets (men aged 25 – 34, young families, etc.). Sites like Facebook and Youtube offer this data via analytics. You can also use Google Analytics to figure out the demographics of the traffic that comes to your website via social media.
Many organizations turn the answers to these questions into a one-pager and use it to make sponsorship asks, so remember to share this information with the person in charge of sponsor acquisition.
You should also research the social media presence of existing sponsors and partners. If they don’t have a strong social media presence, you can offer them one. If they do, you can get a better idea of how you can complement their existing social media presence.
MYFUNDBOX allows to check analytics through Facebook Pixel which will help to improve project planning, execution and forecasting.

2. Create your content.

Take your sponsorship to the next level by creating content that benefits both your organization and the sponsor. Sponsors especially love photos or videos because it allows them to showcase the good work they’re doing in the community and helps promote their products and services in an organic manner. Photos and videos are also highly shareable, increasing the reach of your content.
Keys to success:
Post and tweet photos of your members interacting with sponsors. You could, for example, take a photo of some fans enjoying a sponsored product or of kids playing with equipment purchased with a grant. Short video clips are also popular.
If your sponsors provide you with banners, make sure they’re visible in action shots posted on social media.
Tweet at and tag your sponsor in content that features them. If your sponsor has a particular hashtag, use it.
Offer your sponsors exclusivity in a type of content. Perhaps all athlete video profiles are sponsored by one company and include their logo and branded messaging.
Allow your sponsors to engage with your audience by blogging on your website.

3. Encourage sharing.

An important piece of social media marketing is encouraging your customers to share their experience, which builds your audience. Facebook makes social media sharing a game during live events and rewards your customers for discussing your event or product. It also makes it easier for your customers to navigate your live event. If your business has live, in-person events, Facebook is certainly a useful tool.
Social media is about building connections and relationships. People naturally want to share posts that shows they’re part of something bigger themselves. MYFUNDBOX provide the complete picture, the true view — of your prospects to donors also like to share posts likely to start a conversation (so they can converse with other social media) which allows Fundraising platform to share your page to Facebook, Twitter ,Instagram, Email etc. within one simple UI.

4. Request Sponsorships

If you’re confident you have a great proposal, you can contact people you’ve just met online. The above suggestion to first establish some kind of relationship is usually best to follow, though. Either way, you have to be careful how you word your request.
Ask for a meeting, phone call or Skype session. You aren’t going to secure a sponsorship via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn message or email. Your goal using such platforms is to open the door to a real conversation. You should create a compelling pitch that makes them curious enough to at least listen to your proposal.
Make sure you emphasize the benefit to their company. it’s obvious that you’re going to be getting something from this partnership. But it’s up to you to show them how it will benefit them.
Contact lots of people. Don’t get overly attached to the idea of getting a particular sponsor. You may have to contact hundreds or even thousands of people in many companies before you find the right match.
Send a powerful sponsorship letter. This is a letter that outlines the benefits to both you and your sponsor. You can start with a template and adjust it to specific companies. It’s best to send this letter once you have an existing relationship with the prospect.
Using social media to attract corporate sponsors is a powerful strategy. You don’t have to limit yourself to social media. You should also utilize email and offline tactics. With so many business owners and executives active on social media, however, you should definitely not overlook this method of finding sponsors.
MYFUNDBOX Fundraiaing CRM allows you to track your sponsors. It helps you organize, analyze, and strategize how you communicate with anyone who has donated to or otherwise supported your organization. This software helps you to reach new donors and engage more effectively with your existing network.
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