Pay Links –Easy way to get paid faster!

Do you agree with me if I tell you that the process of making a payment and the process of getting paid for your services should be as simple as possible?   And why shouldn’t it be, we are living in a world where people get connected in a matter of seconds, where anything and everything

G2 High Performer & Best Support for Winter 2022

We’re thrilled to share that MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing has been named as High Performer in the G2 Winter 2022 Grid Reports. G2 is a leading peer-to-peer review site that provides unbiased user reviews on leading software solutions. Quarterly, G2 highlights the top-rated solutions in the industry, as chosen by customer reviews.     MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing has

What should your Subscription Billing platform enable you to do?

Now that you have understood the trending shift towards recurring billing, in other words, I can say that businesses are adopting the subscription based model for  their success and for a win-win situation. Now It’s time to explore what your recurring billing platform should enable you to do.  Support for different pricing models  Your business

Subscription Billing – Not for Everyone

I am assuming that you have read my last blog and had a sneak peak of what recurring billing actually means and how it saves your effort and time.  If not , Dont worry have a look on this Is it for every merchant out there providing goods and services for customers? Well, not really. It’s

Lessons learned from MYFUNDBOX’s Customer

Here are 5 lessons I learned from one of MYFUNDBOX’s customer Lesson 1 : You have to be Nimble with Decisions Lesson 2 : Every Feature should be built for contextual value Lesson 3 : Deliver a Super-Fast Wow Experience that accelerates Growth Lesson 4 : Make it a Habit to Share the Joy of

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Recurring Billing ,Then and Now

Before diving in to what recurring billing means, I would like to hit the rewind button and take you back to those days  where this concept was handled differently. So when a merchant had  to collect money on a regular basis say it being monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly for the goods or services provided by

Open Banking

What is open banking? A term used to describe the process of banks and other financial institutions opening up data for regulated providers to access, use and share. This has helped customers to choose products and services which enhanced improved their way of managing their funds and payments.   What are the benefits of open

MYFUNDBOX Journey from MVP to High Performer Award winner!

Our Journey from MVP to High Performer Award winner! Starting MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing as MVP in early 2021 and being awarded a High Performer in Subscription category Globally in less than a year was no  less than a feat in itself but… was this just magic?  A Startup with a small but dedicated team at MYFUNDBOX convinced with the

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Using Digital Resources to Increase Subscription Billings

Using digital resources to increase Subscription Billings Earlier this year in our post ‘The Future of Subscriptions Looks Brighter Than Ever’, we wrote how, done right, subscription models have a bright future and have been trending for good reason. Subscription services are increasingly integrated into the life of the modern consumer. Even as the world

How churn can plateau the growth of your subscription business

How churn can plateau the growth of your subscription business It is crucial that your customer stays with you in a subscription business for a more extended period to make a profit. The Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) in a subscription business is pretty high. Therefore, it is essential that your customer stays with you for