A payment gateway for e-commerce website is a tool that holds the success of your online store. If people like what you have to offer online, they want to buy it, but that is not possible without a proper payment gateway unless you’re accepting cash on delivery. Having multiple gateways actually offers a ton of advantages that help make your business more profitable.
One area of constraint for merchants is around the solutions they use to accept payments. Innovators require flexibility in these payments and e-commerce infrastructures.. However, there is very little info available on the benefits of using more than one. Here are a few of them.

What Is The Best E-commerce Platform?

As is often the case with software, there’s no silver bullet that solves all of your problems. Every platform has its strengths and weaknesses. The best e-commerce platform for you depends on many things, such as your budget, the business model for your store and your technical prowess.
E-commerce is a complex business, especially if you want to scale it up. There’s more to it than just having a good or “winning” product. You have to think about where your products are made or where you source them. You must keep in mind how they’re delivered to the customer, who your target audience is and how you want to automate those tasks and make them digital

Shoppers Can Use Their Favorite Payment Method’s

Shoppers often prefer specific payment types. One customer may want to build their cash back points with their favorite credit card. Another may only trust and stripe payment gateway made from their phone
MYFUNDBOX provides 15 payment option’s which include’s  Stripe(Giropay, Ideal, cardcollection, sofort, EPS, Bancontact,P24 ,SEPA), Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay,Paypal etc to provides a hassle-free environment for collecting payment gateway easily and securely

Your Customers Feel Safer Giving You Their Data

Safety in a payment gateway is priority one. After all, that’s a gateway’s main job—encrypting customer data and transmitting it securely. So make sure a payment gateway is PCI compliant before signing on with them. Your customer’s data is your responsibility.
But aside from actual data security, having multiple payment gateways creates a sense of perceived security for your customers.
MYFUNDBOX provide possibilities to get by with one safe and easy payment gateway , many customers are starting to have the expectation of using their favorite payment methods on sites across the web

Fast And Simple Integrated Payment Gateway

When you have multiple gateways, you have multiple contracts, integrations, and setup. That means more paperwork and oversight for you. You’ll have to keep track of—and pay—monthly memberships, and transaction costs. By working with multiple gateways, you can readily shift your transactions to another partner as needed.
MYFUNDBOX provides dashboard to visualize and analyze your data coming up from different payment option, which will help to improve project planning, execution and forecasting.It also allows for fast and efficient transaction processing, with an average response time of less than two seconds.


Now that you’re familiar with the top payment gateways for e-commerce, so now you can help your customers reach out to you better by offering them a faster and easier way to pay for what your online store is selling. If you think this list is missing some payment gateway that should be in this list, just let us know in the comments section below.

Hopefully, the information in this article will make the process a little easier.
If you are looking for trustworthy payment processing partner to engage with your business needs and to take your business to next level, feel free to check MYFUNDBOX.

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