Businesses need timely payments

Our Story

With Subscription Economy becoming  a proven Business Model  from Startups to large Enterprises and with Hyper growth now possible with a scalable and secure Infrastructure , an Orchestrator for Payments covering both local and international Payments were never more critical

MYFUNDBOX   story  started with a simple usecase to make payments  configurable and independent of payment providers so that Businesses can focus on their core business targets / expansion goals and we take care of Payments.  

MYFUNDBOX a  German Startup  was launched in late 2018 With a small team of Professionals who know what it is to make customer successful. MYFUNDBOX has partnered with leading Payment gateways  to make Payments and Subscription Billing at a Global scale a reality. 


Mohammed Thimiri

Founder & Investor​

Aafreen Kauser

Chief Executive Officer 

Zashedul Alam

Customer Success Manager