Across the world, due to war, illness or natural disaster, many children have lost their family. Grieving and traumatized, they now have to fend for themselves, often living in extreme poverty.

Children in need require not just physical aid in order to survive. Emotional support and education are essential for healthy development and a chance of a bright future – especially for children who have experienced difficulties, grown up in war-torn areas or poverty. For many, whether they live with extended family or alone, most of all they need security and stability.

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Regular sponsorship can provide them with a reliable source of income to pay for food, healthcare and education. It can also connect them with emotional counseling to nurture and heal them from the trauma they have experienced.

You can change their world.

With MYFUNDBOX Orphan Management many organizations like Tuisa Stiftung,
Musaid, Şefkat Kervanı etc are able to manage in a transparent and efficient way.
Sponsoring Orphans probably won’t eliminate poverty, save every orphan but we will save lives. One-at-a-time. Day-by-day. And each and every life saved is worth it. Your donation will bring new educational opportunities, healthcare, food and the peace of mind that comes with a stable lifestyle.

Every orphan deserves a future with a family

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