Ramadan is almost here!
Are you wondering how to boost your Ramadan campaign this year effectively!

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Let’s get you prepared for a successful campaign this Ramadan with these practical 5 tips

1.Choose your goal smartly?
Try to set some goals at the beginning of Ramadan and work out how to achieve them by the end of the month.
The goal needs to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based (SMART)

2.Go Mobile
There are 4.84 times more mobile phone calls made during Ramadan, compared to other months. So make sure your campaign channels – like emails and landing pages – are mobile-responsive.
To go with this MYFUNDBOX provide you user friendly and intuitive UI that way, your customers will have a seamless experience in donating for Ramadan causes easily in responsive way.
So don’t miss this chance to check MYFUNDBOX

3.Get Social media
Social media is another great tool to push content Share your impactful stories and campaign links across Facebook (short stories), Instagram (great quality pictures), and Twitter (your elevator pitch)
If your donors spend more time on Facebook, MYFUNDBOX provide integration of Donation Box in company Facebook page.

4.Email your mailing List
You can prepare and schedule your marketing messages now, then use automation to trigger emails when certain conditions are met. This saves time and resources, and can also bring you a better customer engagement.
People get 100s of emails during Ramadan. Use creative subjects to attract donors and don’t send more than 4 emails to the same user in a month unless they opted in for a daily reminder
Donors who received a campaign through email usually donate. Use your mailing list, tell good stories, and explain why people should support your cause this Ramadan.

5. Reach people at the right time
People spend more time online during ramadan than usual.Alot of this extra usage happening at night.with the largest relative increase in time spent at 3 am. so try to reach people at this time.
Muslims don’t take their usual lunch break during Ramadan, you’ll need to think more carefully about when to send offers. For instance, if you run an F&B business, you could send promotional content two hours before they break their fast to attract more customers. Then wait until they break their fast (from around 9pm) before sending your next food-related reminder. As people will be with their families during breaking fast, try to avoid sending out newsletters during this time.

Bonus Tip — Be on MYFUNDBOX this Ramadan!

Create your campaign on MYFUNDBOX! and boost your Ramadan Donations at maximum level
If you achieve more than half of your goals, then it will be a success and encourage you to do better next year,
in sha’ Allah

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