I’m no football fan.    My roommates are up watching over and over, game after game.    Well, let’s not leave out the highlights and analysis too.    So, ultimately, it got me!    So following the flock, as my friends did; here I’m cheering for a particular red jersey team from a different world.    With the question, ‘Why

Why Marketing agencies need subscription business?

 Decked up with my notepad, I was sitting in the garden of my neighbourhood looking out for inspiration.   A mother and her child strolling through the garden sat beside me on the same bench. Their cute interactions caught my attention.   The mother announced to her child that if she finishes her homework quickly she will

SEPA in banking
How Dunning works in SEPA?

THE MAJESTIC METHOD OF CROSS-BORDER TRANSACTION:   Hi, I’m Single Euro Payments Area , fondly called as SEPA.   This is my story, which is quite interesting and inspirational.  My Humble Beginning:   Mr European Council announced my grand arrival to the world in 2008 for credit transfers.  By the time we reached 2009 direct debits where allowed too.  2014

Black Friday!

How do you know if a song is a hit?   At EVERY TURN, you find it. Be it YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, or Snapchat stories, why miss the Email advertisements linking it? To the extent, you start vibing to it- Follow the Trend!   So what’s Trending now, Black Friday!   Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in the United States.    Isn’t it natural to wish for a holiday

Dunning management
Dunning management is a MUST!

As I was scrolling down on Netflix, My neighbour knocked at my door enquiring about the water supply at my house. I affirmed and she leaves thanking me and finding it strange how hers is the only house without water. I alerted her to check out if she has paid the bills; in her defence, she