Smart fraud detection with MYFUNDBOX and Stripe Radar

Fraud costs merchants more than an estimated $20 billion every year. But beyond that sky-high number are all the ancillary impacts that fraud can have on a business: increased customer churn, lower credit card authorization rates, network and operational costs, and damage to the brand due to customers being incorrectly flagged as fraudsters. To stay

Offer a true omnichannel experience with MYFUNDBOX and Stripe

Even with the massive growth in #ecommerce, more than 90% of purchases still happen in person. Because of this, numerous businesses have recently expanded their solutions to include in-person payments. But while accepting in-person payments opens up vast opportunities, it also comes with its own set of challenges, including the need to integrate #online and

Get paid even faster with MYFUNDBOX and Stripe Instant Payouts

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business environment, quick access to funds is often critical. That’s why we’re excited to launch Stripe Instant Payouts to help our users deposit their balances into their bank accounts within minutes. Instant Payouts is a feature built on Stripe’s seamless payments infrastructure that allows you to manage your payments processing entirely

MYFUNDBOX partners with Stripe to help multiply your global impact

MYFUNDBOX  has partnered with Stripe, a leading payments platform, to help our nonprofit customers multiply their impact. Stripe makes accepting payments as simple and borderless as the rest of the internet. Organizations of every size use Stripe today to accept online donations and grow their donor base.  You can now increase donation completion through authorization